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2 Good Things and 2 Very Bad Things About Marketing Yourself in Real Estate

You have an owner that wants to sell their home. However, there are few things that the owner needs to do to spruce up the place to get it ready to sell. There are carpets to clean, walls to be painted, and lawn care to enhance the home’s curb appeal. Then, you have to get really good photos from all the right angles to essentially make potential homeowners drool when they see the photos.

So do you want the good news first or the bad news?

Let’s start with the bad news. If you are trying to sell yourself in real estate, you need to engage in a similar process. Regarding the first bad news, have you spruced yourself up to help market yourself? The second piece of very bad news: do you have really good photos of yourself so that potential homeowners look at your photos and want to work with you? So why do you understand these basic marketing principles for selling a property but neglect these very same principles when trying to sell yourself?

So, now for the good news. The first good thing is that you already know the formula to sell. Spruce up and put your best foot forward in your photos and marketing materials. The second good thing is that although you may not know the wall paint color that will lead to a sale, you can find out the colors to wear to spruce up while marketing yourself in real estate.

According to research of the top female real estate agents in the U.S., the colors most commonly worn in their professional photos are black, ivory, blue, red, and a combination of black and ivory. While color alone cannot guarantee your success in marketing yourself in real estate, it is a very important step in sprucing up your professional presence to have homeowners clamoring.

You may be thinking that marketing yourself does not matter and that you will just let your brains and hard work speak for itself. Well, first, you have to be able to attract the prospective clients to even be able to show your brains and exhibit your hard work. And to use the metaphor of selling a home again, all being equal (the square footage, the neighborhood, the number of bathrooms, etc.) will the homeowner choose the one with the better curb appeal? Using that same logic, brains and hard work being equal, will a homeowner choose you or the realtor down the street with the better “curb appeal?”

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