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Easy Online Real Estate Marketing

Any real estate agent, whether new to the game, or veteran player, knows how important it is to have leads. Leads are not always easy to come by, but since the invention of the internet, they are easier than many agents make them out to be.

Creating an online newsletter is an easy way to get leads. Place a sing-up for your email newsletter on your website, thus receiving an email address. Likely, if someone puts their email address in for your newsletter, they are interested at least in what you do or what you have to offer. These are people that you can call leads.

Another way to attract leads is by offering great website content on your site. A site with lots of good content is much more likely to hold the attention of a person than a site that has a generic list of homes for sale and your phone number listed in a form that looks like it was done on a typewriter. Not only do people like good content, but search engines love it too. The more good content that is picked up from your website by search engines, the better off you will be getting to the top of the listings on search engine pages, thus bringing more visitors to your site and creating more leads. With all of the leads discussed in this paragraph alone, you are sure to convert one to a paying customer.

In your website, you can offer consumer education regarding mortgage loans, getting a home ready to sell, moving and packing, and other home selling or buying strategies. These hints can be useful to both buyers and sellers and will help attract and keep potential customers on your site. Providing things like school information, local weather, mortgage calculators, and the likes will keep customers coming back, even if they did not find the right home the first time they searched.

Offer something free for them signing up for your newsletter. Offer to send them information on the area that interests them. You can find a plethora of information from the local Chamber of Commerce, the school boards, and many local businesses will offer coupons for you to send to potential clients. This simple gesture will cost you very little (often just the cost of postage) and may possibly mean the world to a person that is moving to the area from a great distance away.

Offer a contest. Have your visitors sign up to possibly win something that would be of value to them. Offering a $50 gas gift card may seem like a chunk of change from your pocket, but if you offer one per quarter or one per month, the sales that are generated from the visits to your site will pay for the gift card that you offered ten fold.

Most importantly, have a place on your site to capture the names and information of all of the visitors to your site. Make sure that there is a place for the visitor to easily contact you, even if it is just be email. If you offer a way to contact you on your site, make sure you monitor that email and respond in a timely manner.

If you post frequently, you will likely have more repeat visitors to your site. Although you may not get repeat business very often, by updating your site regularly, people may continue to visit, keeping your site and you fresh on their minds. This will offer the chance of your customers referring their friends to your site for their housing needs.

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