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Real Estate Marketing Plans

If you are planning to participate in the real estate market it is important to develop a marketing plan. Real estate is a very serious subject because investments that are made here involve large amounts of money. There is no room for games or inexperience! No learning on the job!

The first thing you should do is come up with an executive summary for your real estate business; defining the nature of it. Will it focus on residential properties or commercial properties or a combination of the two. Make notes of the milestones and achievements that other real estate agents have accomplished and take steps to do the same. A very important step – write a mission statement. An example could be; let’s say a gentleman in Bucks County, PA had a goal to be in the top 15% of real estate agents there. He can even take that a step further and aspire to increase the success rate of mortgage loan customers to 25% a couple of years down the road. This should be written down in the mission statement for clarity.

Another important thing to do is identify your team. Make a list of the names and roles in the company of each person on your team. Whether or not you are the only full-time member of your team, be sure to include any contractors and consultants you will be associating with; as well as all sales agents.

Do you already know of someone else in the real estate business? You can analyze aspects of their business you want to incorporate into your business. For instance; services, prices and fares offered. You should also take into consideration the types of customers your competitors target and their services. Make a list of each competitor and their business address. Doing these things will help you fill in the gaps in the marketplace left by your competitors and help you to add new benefits to the area. This should also help you find your own niche in the real estate marketplace in your area.

The next thing you should do in creating YOUR main marketing theme is – identify your customers. Describe your targeted market; include characteristics like: age, marital status, gender and income level. Identify such things as their homes and commercial properties, as well as rental or purchasing habits. Study aspects of their behavior like where they live, where they shop, where they eat and their social habits.

You might want to use local periodically issues advertising publications or various newspapers. Also available to you are things like: apartment or home-buying guides, or different Internet sites. You might even want to use direct-mail methods like creating a brochure or catalog. Whatever methods you decide to use, they will give you the necessary tools to have a very successful business.

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